Why Intrepid Families Choose Moon Rocks Clothing?

Are you one of those families that love the outdoors and going on adventures together? Maybe you have a zest for travel or enjoy action sports like surfing and hiking. If so, you are just the type of families Moon Rocks makes clothes for! Our conscious clothes for menwomen, and children are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for all the fun and excitement of a busy family.

Why Moon Rocks Clothing is the Best Christmas Gift for Your Adventurous Loved Ones

It’s coming up to the holiday season so if you haven’t started thinking about gifts for your loved ones now is the time. Moon Rocks has a selection of conscious lifestyle clothing for surfers, yogis, and nature lovers. If you have any of these on your list, or just love stylish, comfortable clothing with heart, you are sure to find the perfect gifts at Moon Rocks.

Kids Clothes with Comfort, Style, and Messages to Live By

The little ones in your life can also enjoy the comfort and style of Moon Rocks clothing in mini versions of some of our best-selling t-shirts. These tees come in sizes 2 to 9 years old and are made ethically in Bali from 100% cotton.

One of the missions of Moon Rocks is to spread love and kindness through both actions and messages. We feel that starting to spread these positive messages to children as young as possible is ideal as it has a knock-on effect amongst their peers. If one child acts with kindness, others will follow.

Top Reasons to Shop Your Summer Clothes Online

Do you like to stroll through clothes shops looking and trying things on or would you rather shop for clothes online from the comfort of your couch? Everyone is different but clothes shopping online has some serious pros. So, find below our top reasons for buying your street wear and summer clothes online.

Stylish Clothes to Suit Your Rebel Man Lifestyle

We want to talk about all those adventurous guys out there that grab each day by the proverbial horns and take advantage of everything this wild world has to offer. Here at Moon Rocks we bow down to the travelerssurfers, and yogis and make sure they have exactly the lifestyle clothes they need to suit their daily activities.

Moon Rocks Board Riders sharing our surf passion and spirit to Live Different

What is that one thing that invigorates you and makes you passionate about life? For us at Moon Rocks it’s surfing. Getting out in the waves every morning sets us up for a positive and constructive day. Because of this passion, it made sense to set up Moon Rocks headquarters in Bali, the perfect base for surfing the island and around the Indonesian archipelago. After all, why would we want to be in a stuffy office somewhere when we can Live Different?

Give Back with Moon Rocks T-Shirts

You love conscious clothing with summer-loving vibes right? Wouldn’t it make it even better if the outfits you choose to wear were made by a company that gives back to the community? Moon Rocks was started with a goal to use our visibility as a business and a portion of our profits to help to support worthy charities and projects in Indonesia and, thanks to you, we have been able to achieve this. Here are a few of the projects we feel are doing amazing work and are happy to be able to contribute to.

Conscious Summer Clothes for All You Adventurous Women

Hey ladies, what are you looking for when shop for clothes? Comfort, style, ethical manufacturing, longevity? It can be really difficult to find clothes that tick all the boxes, can’t it?

Sure it’s easy to find stylish clothes in most high street shops, but how long will they last, and are they made in sweatshops in 3rd world countries? Unfortunately, it’s often the case that they will quickly fall apart because of cheap manufacturing. Or perhaps you find the perfect summer outfit in a smaller boutique with more conscious philosophies, but it’s way out of budget. There has to be somewhere that can be your go-to for clothes that reflect your lifestyle.

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

There is a lot of talk at the moment about living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. But how do you live your fullest life while still being responsible environmentally and socially?

This is something we aspire to at Moon Rocks and believe it is possible. Here are just some of the ways to live your best life, sustainably.

Match Your Wardrobe to Your Lifestyle

If you asked us to describe ourselves, we would tell you that we are conscious, less-is-more type people with a deep love for nature, surfing, exploration and the beautiful country of Indonesia. This is reflected in every item of clothing, and accessories that Moon Rocks sells. We strive to be able to show our passions and philosophies, and so far you all seem to be right there with us wearing our designs with pride.

The Perfect Clothes for Your Summer Adventures

We know from experience that activity dictates what you wear from day to day. For active types like us Moon Rocks people, we need clothes that are comfortable, breathable, stylish, and suit every adventure. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you need freedom of movement. This is why we’ve designed and produced Moon Rocks Lifestyle Clothing to feel good whether you wear it as street wear or hiking up a mountain.

Easy Summer Clothes for Your Next Tropical Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be both exciting and tedious. Thinking about the summer outfits you’re going to be able to wear in the warm weather is great. Having to make sure you have the right gear for the weather can be a bore. Moon Rocks Clothing makes thing simple by offering stylish holiday clothes that are also versatile and comfortable when traveling and going on tropical adventures. So what should you be thinking about packing for your next warm weather trip? Let’s take a look.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different

Moon Rocks is a company born out of a passion for life outside the mainstream. This of course is something many clothing companies say, but Moon Rocks actually lives up to its slogan “Live Different”. From the get go our founder decided that Moon Rocks would stick to its guns and operate with a number of key concepts based on the way he lives his life.

How to pack your Surfboard for travel

If your like me then I really know it's really about to happen (your epic surf trip) is on, when its time to pack your boards. I have been on a few trips when my board has not feared so well and it's gutting. So in this little yarn, I'm gonna tell you some pointers I have learnt from my experences.

5 reasons - why I surf..

#1 Fun: Surfing keeps you fit, but its also something that provides a bit of excitement. One of the best buzzes I have had is riding a wave a little outside my comfort zone. As you get older its always hard to find good ways to scare yourself. And you should, because fears encroach on all of us and you need to keep pushing against them so you dont get too old too fast.

The story of the MoonRocks RV

 This summer MoonRocks has set out to provide the great people of New Zealand, with super stylish and comfortable clothing at amazing prices. the traditional method to do this was to open a shop, but when we did the numbers the costs and overheads for being in the right spot would make it very hard for us to provide the quality of clothing that MoonRocks produce, at a price that we think people can afford.

Moon Rocks Magic Bus, how a group of people set out to make a difference.

Recently Moon Rocks had the chance to collaborate with the Harapan Project in a really special way - with the idea being to provide the Harapan Project with a vehicle for their daily tasks. The Harapan Project is a remarkable charity helping children on the island of Sumbawa; children who's lives were ravaged after tsumanis.  

Moon Rocks Team Riders

Live Different - it is our message, the Moon Rocks tag line - What does it all mean? We wanted to create something that serves as proof, a visual reminder to everyone that there is more than one recipe to live your life. Sorry, what??

Moon Rocks Conference 2014 - Nias

Moon Rocks Conference 2014 was held in the small island of Nias in the top of indonesia. Nias just happens to be the home of a world class right hand point break :) The conference lasted 7 days and was a mix of culture, surf, amazing food and people.

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