Moon Rocks Board Riders sharing our surf passion and spirit to Live Different

What is that one thing that invigorates you and makes you passionate about life? For us at Moon Rocks it’s surfing. Getting out in the waves every morning sets us up for a positive and constructive day. Because of this passion, it made sense to set up Moon Rocks headquarters in Bali, the perfect base for surfing the island and around the Indonesian archipelago. After all, why would we want to be in a stuffy office somewhere when we can Live Different?

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

There is a lot of talk at the moment about living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. But how do you live your fullest life while still being responsible environmentally and socially?

This is something we aspire to at Moon Rocks and believe it is possible. Here are just some of the ways to live your best life, sustainably.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different

Moon Rocks is a company born out of a passion for life outside the mainstream. This of course is something many clothing companies say, but Moon Rocks actually lives up to its slogan “Live Different”. From the get go our founder decided that Moon Rocks would stick to its guns and operate with a number of key concepts based on the way he lives his life.

How to pack your Surfboard for travel

If your like me then I really know it's really about to happen (your epic surf trip) is on, when its time to pack your boards. I have been on a few trips when my board has not feared so well and it's gutting. So in this little yarn, I'm gonna tell you some pointers I have learnt from my experences.

5 reasons - why I surf..

#1 Fun: Surfing keeps you fit, but its also something that provides a bit of excitement. One of the best buzzes I have had is riding a wave a little outside my comfort zone. As you get older its always hard to find good ways to scare yourself. And you should, because fears encroach on all of us and you need to keep pushing against them so you dont get too old too fast.

The story of the MoonRocks RV

 This summer MoonRocks has set out to provide the great people of New Zealand, with super stylish and comfortable clothing at amazing prices. the traditional method to do this was to open a shop, but when we did the numbers the costs and overheads for being in the right spot would make it very hard for us to provide the quality of clothing that MoonRocks produce, at a price that we think people can afford.

Moon Rocks Team Riders

Live Different - it is our message, the Moon Rocks tag line - What does it all mean? We wanted to create something that serves as proof, a visual reminder to everyone that there is more than one recipe to live your life. Sorry, what??

Moon Rocks Conference 2014 - Nias

Moon Rocks Conference 2014 was held in the small island of Nias in the top of indonesia. Nias just happens to be the home of a world class right hand point break :) The conference lasted 7 days and was a mix of culture, surf, amazing food and people.

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