Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different

Posted: Dec 17 2020

Moon Rocks is a company born out of a passion for life outside the mainstream. This of course is something many clothing companies say, but Moon Rocks actually lives up to its slogan “Live Different”. From the get go our founder decided that Moon Rocks would stick to its guns and operate with a number of key concepts based on the way he lives his life.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different

Our range of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and kid’s t-shirts are all inspired by these concepts and many feature messages sharing our values. Our board shorts, t-shirts, dresses and other summer wardrobe essentials are all designed and created to reflect this sense of adventure, rebelliousness, and love for nature.
Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different



Moon Rocks clothing brand was dreamed up on a year-long tour around Australia and Indonesia. No 9 to 5 job, no ties, no schedule to follow. This deviation from the prescribed life most people follow turned into a time to plan how to live that way forever. Ever since, Moon Rocks has been a reflection of this lust for travel, and life beyond the constraints of what most people think is necessary to be “successful”.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different


Living a Simple Life is not only about living outside the box. Of course as a company Moon Rocks has to make a profit, however we have no delusions of grandeur and aren’t planning to get rich. We only aim to sell great quality clothing at affordable prices and earn enough to live simply and help others.


Does this make us Rebels? Maybe we are, but only in the best way. We see the benefits physically and mentally in not being tied to one single place or job and we encourage everyone to find out for themselves what suits them. There is nothing better than being a rebel if it means that you find a path that leads to something you love.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different


This is also why everything we do is done with Passion. We love to surf and practice yoga and believe ardently in the physical and mental benefits that these two provide us. We never do anything half-way. It’s all or nothing whether it’s surfing, yoga, traveling, or helping others. Passion is what drives us to try new things, go to new places, and meet new people. This in turn tends to lead to connections that help us to help others.


Did we mention that we love nature, especially water? Surfing ignites a fire in us that almost nothing else can. It’s what brought us to Bali in the first place and now we try to surf all over Indonesia and help out other passionate surfers with the Moon Rocks Indonesian Surf Team. We also try to take our social and community projects wherever we go to surf.

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different


Giving Back

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are always finding ways to Give Back. We are so passionate about people and don’t for a second forget that we are fortunate to be living the way we do. This is why we work with amazing non-profits in Indonesia like Bali Street Kids, The Harapan Project (watch video) and Project Nasi

Moon Rocks: A Passion to Live Different

Whether it’s helping to supply a van for transporting kids to school and health care in Sumbawa or donating a portion of sales to buy food supplies in Bali, we always have a cause that we are committed to.

Living this life is a privilege. We are dedicated to making the most of it and spreading positivity, hope, and happiness while we’re at it. Moon Rocks is far more than just an ethical clothing company. It’s about Living Differently.

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