How to pack your Surfboard for travel

Posted: Oct 21 2015

If your like me then I really know it's really about to happen (your epic surf trip) is on, when its time to pack your boards. I have been on a few trips when my board has not feared so well and it's gutting. So in this little yarn, I'm gonna tell you some pointers I have learnt from my experences.  

By Air

Step 1 - Board Bag. 

Get a good heavy duty board bag.  This is really the best thing you can do for you board, make sure it fits well as will be used a lot at the destination as well (like on the side of your scooter, or tied to the roof of vehicles).  If you looking to do things on the cheap see if you can borrow one from a buddy, put a Facebook shout out. 

Your options for what type to get, is really around a couple of things, double or single, and the strap configeration. 

Not a bad idea to get a double as you can save a bit of money if you like a few board options, or if you travelling with a buddy on airline charges (most checkin staff assume you only have 1 board), and what sort of strap you have, semi detached or fully.

Shoulder straps make lugging your board round the airport and from ferry boat to your guest house 'much' easier. But also straps are the things that get caught up on things and cause 'issues' for your board on route.  I always try and find completely detached as I have a epic padded strap I got with an old board bag that I use - So I'm always looking for detachable straps. 


Step 2  -  Padding. 

I used to pack my board bag with all sorts of things, most of my clothes would go in my bag round my board, so I have a light bag or just a carry on bag.  But I have changed my thinking on this over the years - because of the extra weight.  When your bag is heavy, it promotes the luggage handlers to start 'chucking', you want to keep your bag as light as you can to avoid this treatment as much as possible.

So - here are some ideas on how to pack your sled with this in mind. Key areas to try and protect is nose, rails, bottom and tail.

If I have reef booties, I put them on the corners of the tail and thats about it. If I'm being super anal, I get a floation tube, (cost next to nothing) and cut it a few inches long and cut a slit in it and slide in onto the nose of my board before it goes into the bag. 

Going somewhere cold?

If your taking a wetsuit, I put this under the board, bit of padding on the bottom.  Just be careful with the zip head if it has one isn't going to press up against your board, This will add weight, but its not too bad if the suit is dry. 

Going somewhere hot?

You dont need much in the way of clothing when your heading somewhere hot and you can chuck a couple pairs for baord shorts and t's in your bag without much weig, A really good way to keep your board a little bit extra protected is to invest in a board sox. It means you get some protection as well as not needing to worry about wax getting on your clothes either.  

By Car 

Buy a long wagon. If surfing is your thing. Then do yourself a massive favour and get a stationwagon or simliar sized vehicle. It will just make eveything easy. If your like me, you baord dosnt leave the back of the car - cutting down on life admin is always a good thing right. And if you invest in a good board bag or sox your styling all the way. 

You can stack up a Station Wagon with a few board for that roadie, with that floatation tube cut a inch off to cover the hooks that could ding up your board.

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