Give Back

Give Back with Moon Rocks T-Shirts

You love conscious clothing with summer-loving vibes right? Wouldn’t it make it even better if the outfits you choose to wear were made by a company that gives back to the community? Moon Rocks was started with a goal to use our visibility as a business and a portion of our profits to help to support worthy charities and projects in Indonesia and, thanks to you, we have been able to achieve this. Here are a few of the projects we feel are doing amazing work and are happy to be able to contribute to.

Moon Rocks Magic Bus, how a group of people set out to make a difference.

Recently Moon Rocks had the chance to collaborate with the Harapan Project in a really special way - with the idea being to provide the Harapan Project with a vehicle for their daily tasks. The Harapan Project is a remarkable charity helping children on the island of Sumbawa; children who's lives were ravaged after tsumanis.  

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