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Posted: Jul 06 2021

You love conscious clothing with summer-loving vibes right? Wouldn’t it make it even better if the outfits you choose to wear were made by a company that gives back to the community? Moon Rocks was started with a goal to use our visibility as a business and a portion of our profits to help to support worthy charities and projects in Indonesia and, thanks to you, we have been able to achieve this. Here are a few of the projects we feel are doing amazing work and are happy to be able to contribute to.

Bali Street Mums

As part of the community in Bali we see not only the good but also those parts of society that need a little helping hand. Bali Street Mums is a small non-profit organization providing a safe house, schooling and medical aid for impoverished mothers and children rescued from trafficking, abuse and child labor in Bali.

All profits from our limited edition Bali Street Mums t-shirts go towards building a new addition to the safe house, which will include an education centre where women can learn skills to give them a chance at a self-sufficient future away from the streets. There will also be a new sleeping area as the safe house is already full and there are so many more women and children in need.


Moon Rocks Bali Street Mums t-shirts

Many of these women and children come from horrifically abusive situations, have been trafficked, sexually abused, or live in slums and around the rubbish dump in Denpasar. By buying a Bali Street Mums t-shirt you can help us to give these women the chance of a new life.

Bali Street Kids

Bali Life FoundationWe have been also working with Bali Life Foundationanother charity that works with children who are sent out on the streets to beg for money. All profits from sales of Moon Rocks Bali Street Kids t-shirt goes to this project to help keep the Bali Life Street Kids Center running. This centre is a lifeline for children in need of food, clothing, education, and other basic needs.

Moon Rocks Bali Street Kids t-shirt

Project Nasi

Due to Covid-19 the people of Bali have been without tourism for over a year. This is the lifeblood industry for many people on the island and has left many with no means to support themselves or their families. Over the Christmas period last year Moon Rocks teamed up with Project Nasi, an organization set up early in the Covid-19 crisis to assist those that were suddenly left without an income.

Project Nasi

Through this collaboration we were overjoyed to be able to give 1200 meals to those in need. We donated the equivalent of 10 meals to Project Nasi for every item sold on our website over Christmas and New Year. It’s with a huge thanks to you, our amazing customers, that this was possible.

Harapan Project

We don’t just try to help in Bali though. As avid surfers we have spent time on the island of Sumbawa and seen how difficult life can be there. Sumbawa may be rich in natural beauty and surf spots but it is extremely poor in resources like fresh water and food. Many people there live in extreme poverty and live on little more than a small amount of rice each day.

We wanted to see what we could do to help, which led us to working with the incredible non-profit organization Harapan Project working communities to provide basic needs including nutritious food, water, healthcare, education and basic infrastructures.

To raise much needed funds we released a special t-shirt in Moon Rocks shops and overseas in selected outlets to support Harapan Project efforts in Sumbawa. Moon Rocks was the primary donor, along with about 100 other donors, that supported the organization’s fundraiser to buy a bus to transport kids to school and the hospital. We named the bus the Moon Rocks Magic Bus and Alain, owner of Moon Rocks, had the honor of driving all the way from Bali to Lakey Peak, Sumbawa to deliver the bus.

Moon Rocks x Harapan Project

Helping the communities where we live, work, and surf has always been part of our business plan and philosophy. Making a difference is something we aspire to and work into the Moon Rocks brand so check out our current collaborations and keep an eye out for future Give Back products.

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