Moon Rocks is committed to supporting worthy charities and projects in Indonesia. When you buy Moon Rocks Give Back products we will donate the profits of these sales to our designated Give Back Projects.

Bali Street Mums Project

Bali Street Mums is a small non-profit organization providing a safe house, schooling and medical aid for impoverished mothers and children rescued from trafficking, abuse and child labor in Bali.

All profits from our Bali Street Mums t-shirts go towards building a new addition to the safe house, which will include an education centre where women can learn skills to give them a chance at a self-sufficient future away from the streets. There will also be a new sleeping area as the safe house is already full and there are so many more women and children in need.

Many of these women and children come from horrifically abusive situations, have been trafficked, sexually abused, or live in slums and around the rubbish dump in Denpasar. By buying a Bali Street Mums t-shirt you can help us to give these women the chance of a new life.


Bali Street Kids Project

Bali is an island of Indonesia known as a tropical paradise and sees a high number of tourists each year. Beneath this tourist attraction, Bali is also an island in real need. There are many people living in poverty. This poverty, leads to child exploitation. One way that this happens is through children being sent to work on the streets to earn money leaving them unable to receive an education. MoonRocks is raising money to help Bali Life Foundation to restore HOPE, DIGNITY and PURPOSE to the children working on the street. You can also help provide awareness and contribute the financial needs of the foundation by purchasing a give back Bali Street Kids t-shirt.


Project Nasi

Due to Covid-19 the people of Bali have been without tourism for over a year. This is the lifeblood industry for many people on the island and has left many with no means to support themselves or their families. Over the Christmas period last year Moon Rocks teamed up with Project Nasi, an organization set up early in the Covid-19 crisis to assist those that were suddenly left without an income.

Through this collaboration we were overjoyed to be able to give 1200 meals to those in need. We donated the equivalent of 10 meals to Project Nasi for every item sold on our website over Christmas and New Year. It’s with a huge thanks to you, our amazing customers, that this was possible.


Harapan Project 

The Harapan Project has, as its main goals, helping the Indonesian most vulnerable and fragile people and communities to overcome such situation in the following areas:

  • Covering the basic surviving needs regarding nutrition and access to drinking water
  • Health
  • Education
  • Basic infrastructures

The Harapan Project cooperates with these communities in the development of their wellbeing and the promotion of peace and freedom, with a profound respect of their cultures, beliefs and customs. 

Moon Rocks was the primary donor, along with about 100 other donors, that supported the organization’s fundraiser to buy a bus to transport kids to school and the hospital. We named the bus the Moon Rocks Magic Bus and Alain, owner of Moon Rocks, had the honor of driving all the way from Bali to Lakey Peak, Sumbawa to deliver the bus.


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