Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

Posted: May 03 2021

There is a lot of talk at the moment about living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. But how do you live your fullest life while still being responsible environmentally and socially?

This is something we aspire to at Moon Rocks and believe it is possible. Here are just some of the ways to live your best life, sustainably.

Responsible Shopping and Consumption

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

We all love to have new things and enjoy choosing things to suit and enhance our lifestyle. It’s scientifically proven that even the thought of shopping and receiving goods can cause a dopamine release in our brains. However, we should always be aware of how we can shop and choose products responsibly.

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

Buying in bulk is one way to reduce waste in our shopping. Taking your own bags and containers is the perfect way to help lessen the supply and demand aspect of plastic packaging. You can also do this when you get takeaway food, bring a container to pick up your food. This is just a few of the ways you can help to stop plastic from ending up in our rivers and oceans. Our Moon Rocks Rolling Plastic T-shirt aims to raise awareness of the huge problem of plastic ending up in our rivers and oceans.

Moon Rocks Women Singlet Rolling Plastic T-shirt
When you shop for clothing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Think about how much you will wear the item and if it will last. Moon Rocks designs and produces everything ethically in Bali using mostly 100% cotton and bamboo fabrics. We aim to sell stylish, long lasting clothing that is easy to wear over and over again.
Moon Rocks Clothing Collection

Having your dream wardrobe doesn’t mean having more clothes than you could possibly wear. It’s all about having great quality clothing with versatility and style. Key pieces like the Moon Rocks Men Shorts Tua 18 or Mens Wash T-Shirt can be worn day or night and will become favorite items in your wardrobe.

Respect for nature

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

If like us, health and fitness is a huge part of your life, it’s important to eat well. Fueling activities like surfing and yoga is all about eating right. Doing this sustainably means opting for organic, locally grown produce. Lowering the carbon footprint of your food is easy if you shop in local, farmers markets and eat what is in season.

Of course there are now lots of options for buying sustainable products in supermarkets as well. You just need to read labels and be wise to what’s in your food. For example, making sure the products you buy that contain palm oil are RSPO certified are ways you can make your meals more eco-conscious.

Tips for Living a Conscious and Sustainable Lifestyle

You may also want to look at the cleaning and beauty products you use in your house. The options for sustainable, eco-friendly products are almost endless these days. Natural products are generally better for the environment, animal habitats, and your health.

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This Moon Rocks Womens T-shirt simplifies it down to 3 phrases - Clean the Seas, Save the Bees, Plant More Trees.

Is it time to take a look at how you can achieve sustainability and still live the life you want? There are small changes you can make that will allow you to still enjoy your favorite things. We’d love to know how you keep your lifestyle sustainable, or even if you are still on the path to sustainability. Leave us a comment in the box below.

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