Moon Rocks Board Riders sharing our surf passion and spirit to Live Different

Posted: Aug 10 2021

What is that one thing that invigorates you and makes you passionate about life? For us at Moon Rocks it’s surfing. Getting out in the waves every morning sets us up for a positive and constructive day. Because of this passion, it made sense to set up Moon Rocks headquarters in Bali, the perfect base for surfing the island and around the Indonesian archipelago. After all, why would we want to be in a stuffy office somewhere when we can Live Different?Moon Rocks Board Riders We love the incredible sense of community in Bali and assist people as much as possible. Moon Rocks may be a business but giving a piece of what we gain to the community has always been our central aim.

Moon Rocks Board Riders

Moon Rocks Board Riders During our years in Bali, we have become part of the surf community and have been very fortunate to share the waves with amazing surfers from around Indonesia. The people we have met have been open-minded, caring, and have the same passion we do to get away from a “prescribed” way of life.Moon Rocks Board Riders

As part of this vibrant community, we started thinking about how we could help out surfers and decided to show our love by setting up Moon Rocks Board Riders, our very own surf team!

Moon Rocks Board Riders

Indonesia is packed full of surf talent and we are proud to be able to support 6 local surfers on their journeys.

Bali boys Blerong, Corox, Karbit, Randy and Chok are well known on the waves around Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu. Most of them are full-time surfers, surf guides and teachers, and are very active in the surf community. They are all very friendly and are always sharing a big smile and their talents with others.Moon Rocks Board Riders Alex Bu'ulolo is from Nias in the Mentawais and lives just in front of one of the best right hand waves in the world. His family owns a homestay where he works and welcomes surfers from around the world.

Alain, owner of Moon Rocks is originally from the Basque Country (Spain), which brought well-known Basque surfers Julen (Rusti) and Txintxet to the team. They have spent years following waves around the world, including Indonesia. They both now own surf schools in the Basque Country and represent the Moon Rocks brand in Europe.

Moon Rocks Board Riders

Each member of the Moon Rocks Surf Team has something unique to add to the brand. We see in them the passion and spirit to Live Different and love that they are following their dreams and passing on the skills and drive to future generations as parents and teachers.

To help out these talented board riders we give them all the clothes they need and pay for some surf trips. We also pay for their entrance fees for competitions. It has been a joy to see them grow and broaden their horizons.

With leaders of the surf scene like these guys we also hope to influence younger generations to follow their dreams.Moon Rocks Boardshorts Retro Simple LogoCheck out some of the surf gear the Moon Rocks Board Riders like to rock like the super comfy boardshorts retro simple logo simple and retro ancla navy.

Surf-inspired tees are also great ways to show your love for the surf life. The board riders wear them as wardrobe staples in and out of the surf. Check out our Wash Tri Wave T-shirt and Twin Fin T-shirt.Moon Rocks Men Twin Fin T-shirt

Surf Community

The community connects on their love for nature, enthusiasm for movement, and addiction to the adrenaline of riding a wave. Surfers are a kind of tribe formed from their shared passions. Wear your tribe with pride with a Surf Tribe Singlet.

For a retro feel the Moon Rocks 70’s Surfer T-shirt is a reflection of the laidback vibes the surf community is famous for.

You can show your love for the surf communities in Bingin and Canggu too with a Moon Rocks Bingin Rocks T-shirt or Canggu Rock Singlet.

Giving Back Out of Love

Moon Rocks Board Riders

We have so much love for the people of Indonesia and the surf community that gives us purpose and joy in our lives. This is why we do whatever we can to give back. We can’t wait to see how our Moon Rocks Board Riders continue to grow and flourish. Watch this space for updates!

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