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Posted: Sep 27 2014


Live Different - it is our message, the Moon Rocks tag line - What does it all mean? We wanted to create something that serves as proof, a visual reminder to everyone that there is more than one recipe to live your life. Sorry, what??

Ok - we can break it down as this...

We all follow a recipe to successful life. One recipe (the default recipe) you can get straight from any TV, its the one your society prescribes. It's designed to provide wealth to the top performers and the 'haves' while doing enough for the 'have not's' in order for them not to complain too much about the inequality of the recipe.

If you don't have this recipe, you probably be using a recipe provided by your parents (or teachers). as they had been following the default recipe and are trying to improve it. Because maybe it didn't quite work out for them like it said on the packet. They do there best, and the recipe is a mix of what was prescribed to them, the experiences they had in 'their day' and try to come up with the most secure (what is security again?) option for you in 'your day' (which isn't even here yet). And because maybe you don't have your own recipe - you go along with the majority.

Yip OK - so cool, these are the 2 recipes to living a great life?  Work hard at them and then your 'secured' to enjoy a retirement of pleasure. Maybe, but we've been a bit at odds at these recipes for a while now as they lack something where kind of big on - that's enjoyment. Which is what we think life should be at every possible moment, and to trust, trust in following what you truly love,  and it will all work out. Sounds kinda scary to trust something like that right? maybe thats some of the problem - fear is a strong driver.


We have decided after many years of being forced to accept dogma thinking, the traditional recipes that success wasn't really that much fun and was really hard to find a contentment in 'ourselves'. We think that's the key to being really happy by the way. It's the 'who you are', who it is your putting 'out there', That your cool about it who that is. And whats more, that society's social ranking systems dosnt cause you to doubt what you do or who you are.  You are who you are, no-one (even yourself) can change that you have skills and passions uniquely wired to you, sometimes this take a few years to really work out - that ok as well.  What you do with these skills and passions can define you, and the improvements you can make to the people you meet along the way, mean more to the future of your family than any residue bank balance for your children. 

We think (based on lots of scientific research, on bean bags, sleeping in airports, round campfires and on surf boards) you only live once, and unless your Napoleon and have a life-size bronze statue made of yourself -  your legacy will not endure the next ice age. So why not change your thinking.... Hey, here's a simple question for you to ponder... what could be something you might really like to do over a 5 year time period, get up and want to go do more/better than the rest, want it to be such a success because you don't ever want to go back to the thing that's been zapping your inner child. 

We think, don't worry about the other stuff, we think that other stuff will work itself out one way or another.  And to support the good guys and girls, cos we need to stick together now - as if we don't - the others will take it all and waste it trying to buy the stuff you have the ability to get right now, for free.

We have run into some super cool people in our travels -  who are really talented in the water and on a surfboard.  We will be showcasing some of these guys from time to time ...  Karbit, Celipuk, Blerong, Alex, Chok, Randy, Riman and Corox are some of them,  why? - Cos these guys are really giving their passions and dreams a good crack, and we at Moon Rocks will do whatever we can to support the good people, who want to live our message, Live different.




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