Why Intrepid Families Choose Moon Rocks Clothing?

Posted: Jan 14 2022

Are you one of those families that love the outdoors and going on adventures together? Maybe you have a zest for travel or enjoy action sports like surfing and hiking. If so, you are just the type of families Moon Rocks makes clothes for! Our conscious clothes for menwomen, and children are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for all the fun and excitement of a busy family.

Moon Rocks Family Clothing


The Comfiest Clothes for Active Families

When you are out exploring you want everyone to be able to move easily and not have any discomforts slowing you down. Moon Rocks t-shirts are 100% cotton, super soft, and thin enough to allow you to all stay cool. This is especially important for kids who can become irritated by their clothes if they trap heat or sweat.

The same goes for shorts, which you need to be flexible, soft, and durable when you are being active. Moon Rocks believes that style doesn’t have to suffer for robustness. You can wear our shorts to do just about anything from yoga to trekking in the jungle…and you’ll look cool while you do it.

We’re All About Water and Sunshine

Moon Rocks clothing is all made in Bali, so we really know about getting in the water and protecting you under the tropical sun. With years of experience under our belts, we understand surfwear and make our men’s boardshorts, and unisex capshats for families that love to get wet and also stay sunsafe.

Dads will love boardshorts that are a tiny bit stretchy for ease of movement and dry quickly out of the water. Mums that make sure everyone is safe under the sun will want Moon Rocks caps or woven hats for everyone to keep heads cool and noses and cheeks from getting burned.

Wear Messages of Kindness and Caring

We all try to instill in our children messages of kindness and caring for others and the environment. Moon Rocks makes this just a bit easier by printing messages to spread love and awareness right on our tees. Mums, Dads and Kids can all spread a little love and also make others aware of environmental issues like the plight of sea turtles, and the problem of ocean plastic.

Conscious Families

The practicality and style of Moon Rocks clothing comes with a great bonus. We are a company with a conscience, paying fair wages to workers and giving back whenever we can to the community and those in need. You can be part of this by checking out our Give Back products, like our Bali Street Mums and Bali Street Kids t-shirts. All the profits from these shirts goes towards the NGOs Bali Street Mums and Bali Life respectively. These charities help uplift mums that aren’t able to support their children and get kids who have no choice but to beg for money off the streets and into school.

Moon Rocks Family Clothing

Make your family the most stylish active family around and spread a little love and kindness while your out on your adventures. Moon Rocks suits your family’s lifestyle and is easy to wear and even easier to order on our website.

With Love from the Moon Rocks Family to Yours!

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