Conscious Summer Clothes for All You Adventurous Women

Posted: Jun 09 2021

Hey ladies, what are you looking for when shop for clothes? Comfort, style, ethical manufacturing, longevity? It can be really difficult to find clothes that tick all the boxes, can’t it?

Sure it’s easy to find stylish clothes in most high street shops, but how long will they last, and are they made in sweatshops in 3rd world countries? Unfortunately, it’s often the case that they will quickly fall apart because of cheap manufacturing. Or perhaps you find the perfect summer outfit in a smaller boutique with more conscious philosophies, but it’s way out of budget. There has to be somewhere that can be your go-to for clothes that reflect your lifestyle.Moon Rocks Women Singlet CollectionWhen we founded Moon Rocks we wanted to make clothes that we would wear ourselves. On the beach, in the mountains, surfing, or doing yoga, everything has to be versatile, comfortable, and suit our adventurous lifestyle. Take our Shortcut shorts for example. They can be worn for any activity from hanging at home with friends to hiking to a waterfall. Pair them with a soft Roll T-shirt like the bestselling La Luna Tee and you have your go-to summer outfit.Moon Rocks Women T-shirt Roll Wash La LunaWe also understand that comfort in warm weather is essential, which is why Moon Rocks makes women’s clothing from natural fibers like 100% cotton and bamboo. Airy and light designs with room for movement are what every woman needs in hot weather to feel confident and relaxed in what they are wearing. Moon Rocks jumpsuits like the Sawah Jumpsuit or a dress like the button-down Coffee Dress are ideal for keeping cool but looking amazing as well.Moon Rocks Women Coffee Dress If your lifestyle also demands summer outfits for adventures that go from day to night, Moon Rocks has what you need. Throw a Sunset Eyes Dress over your bikini from your day of surfing and you have the perfect dinner outfit. Who wants to spend time complicating things when you can spend 2 minutes getting dressed and still look like a total summer babe.Moon Rocks Women Sunset Eyes DressYou don’t need a closet packed full of clothes. All you need is summer wardrobe essentials you can grab and go without worrying about being uncomfortable or overheated during your day. Active women need clothes that fit well, breathe, and can be worn for different occasions. Use your time having adventures not searching your wardrobe for the perfect outfit!

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