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Posted: Sep 02 2021

We want to talk about all those adventurous guys out there that grab each day by the proverbial horns and take advantage of everything this wild world has to offer. Here at Moon Rocks we bow down to the travelerssurfers, and yogis and make sure they have exactly the lifestyle clothes they need to suit their daily activities.

Moon Rocks Clothing and Lifestyle

What is a Rebel Man?

Moon Rocks was born on a yearlong trip around Indonesia and Australia and the journey has never really ended. This was a time to surf, practice yoga, explore nature and un-learn everything we had been taught about how men become successful in life. Live Different became not only a way of life, but also a slogan for Moon Rocks Clothing.

An absolute staple of every Rebel Man’s wardrobe, Moon Rocks T-shirts are not only comfortable and stylish, they are also ethically produced in Bali and 100% cotton. Moon Rocks Live Different tee is one of our bestsellers and says it loud and proud “I live outside the box”! 

Moon Rocks Live Different Men T-shirt

Part of the Surf Community

Surfing is the backbone of the Moon Rocks lifestyle. Being in the water and enjoying the power and rhythm of the waves is way more than a sport. Surfing is a meditation and a way to clear negative thinking. It’s also about building a community of likeminded people.

We believe that time in the water can makes surfers more sensitive and caring for the environment and the community. Both the Mens Tri Wave singlet and Surf Tribe t-shirt identify you as part of this community. 

Moon Rocks Men Tri Wave Singlet

Need to dress it up a little? Try the Crowd Shirt printed with surfers lining up to grab the best waves.

Moon Rocks Men Crowd Shirt

Moon Rocks has also taken the time over years of being in the water to make sure we have the best board shorts for comfort and style. Whether you like a print like the Retro Ancla Boardshorts or a plain version like the Retro Simple Logo Boardshorts they are slightly stretchy for ease of movement and quick drying.

Moon Rocks Retro Simple Logo Boardshorts

Conscious Clothing

Surfing, spending time in nature, practicing yoga, and being conscious of issues facing Earth all go hand in hand. Rebel Men aren’t afraid to nourish their bodies with good food, enjoy a yoga or meditation session, and show their respect for other humans and animals. Show your respect for others by wearing your Namaste right on your T-shirt.

Moon Rocks Men Namaste T-shirt

If you are more into bringing attention to animal rights issues or the problem of ocean waste Moon Rocks also has the tees for you. Moon Rocks Save the Whales T-shirt and the bestselling Rolling Plastic T-shirt are excellent conversation starters. 

Moon Rocks Men Rolling Plastic T-shirt

Paired with comfortable shorts like Tua18 Mens Shorts you can go for a hike, hang out on the beach, or even head to yoga without having to waste time going home or to your hotel to change.

Moon Rock Tua18 Men Shorts

Style Rebels

Not all clothes need to put you in a specific group. Sometimes Rebel Men just like to grab attention with their street wear or summer outfitsMoon Rocks Mens Shirts like the summery Daun Embos or our newly released Tropical shirt will get you noticed wherever you go. 

Moon Rocks Men Daun Embos Shirt

Pair them with a great pair of denim shorts and you have a day-to-night outfit perfect no matter where your adventures take you.

Moon Rocks Clothing and Lifestyle

Being a Rebel Man isn’t about being larger than life or the centre of attention all the time. It’s about making the most of your time on this amazing planet we all call home. Supporting environmental issues, taking care of your body, and being aware of others are rebellious because so many people do the opposite. Follow your own path and do it with style, comfort, and consciousness with Moon Rocks.

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