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Posted: Apr 12 2021

If you asked us to describe ourselves, we would tell you that we are conscious, less-is-more type people with a deep love for nature, surfing, exploration and the beautiful country of Indonesia. This is reflected in every item of clothing, and accessories that Moon Rocks sells. We strive to be able to show our passions and philosophies, and so far you all seem to be right there with us wearing our designs with pride.

Conscious Ethical Designs

Moon Rocks Men Life Diferente T-shirtDo you believe in “Living Different”? Each Moon Rocks design is created with a conscious decision to show how we feel or how we can use sustainable practices to make a product. We are nature lovers, believe in living sustainably, and want to live outside the box. Express how you ‘Live Different’ by wearing it right on your t-shirt.Moon Rocks Men Singlet KindnessIs kindness something you aspire to spread? Spreading kindness is also one of our messages. Spread this message of happiness and love with a Men’s Kindness T-shirt because Kindness really is the new cool.Moon Rocks Women Singlet Laut Rolling PlasticAre you into living sustainably? This is a message we love to broadcast. Throwaway plastics are a huge issue, especially in our seas and our Rolling Plastic T-shirts reflect this. Check out our Men’s Rolling Plastic T-shirt or our women’s version.Moon Rocks Women Singlet Laut Wash Clean The SeasYou might also want to state it loud and clear with our Clean The Seas t-shirt, which also spotlights the plight of bees, and how we need to be planting not cutting down trees. 

Conservation of sea creatures including sea turtles is something we care deeply about. If you do too, Moon Rocks has the t-shirt for you Moon Rocks Women T-shirt Roll Wash Yin YogaDo you feel connected to yogic practices? Consciousness of our bodies and the universe is also a theme that runs through our designs. Two of Moon Rocks best selling women’s designs are our Yin Yoga Roll T-shirt and also our La Luna Wash T-shirt, which you can also get for men.

Less is More

Moon Rocks Men T-Shirts CollectionDo you believe less is more? Simple clothes in plain colours allow you to keep your wardrobe basic but stylish. Moon Rocks mens collection includes plenty of 100% cotton t-shirts in a variety of washes and styles. Bestselling basics like our Wash T-shirts will never let you down.Moon Rocks Women Shorts Every woman needs a pair of shorts like Moon Rocks GSP Roto. They can be dressed up or down and are comfortable for lounging or getting out in nature exploring. You could also throw on a great 100% cotton Coffee Dress or Sawah Jumpsuit. Both options are easy, comfortable and will be great staples for your summer wardrobe.

Stylish Surfers

Moon Rocks Men BoardshortsAre you a passionate surfer? We understand that surf style has to be comfortable and functional. A pair of cool looking boardshorts is useless if they don’t feel good in the water. Moon Rocks men’s boardshorts are made with a slightly stretchy material that allows for maximum movement and dries quickly.

Make connections with other surfers by wearing your love for surfer’s paradise Canggu on your shirt. Our Canggu Rocks tee in 100% cotton is available for women and men.

Moon Rocks Men Singlet Angin Wash Tri Wave
For wave lovers Moon Rocks also has a great selection of 100% cotton men’s and women’s t-shirts and singlets to choose from. Check out our classic 70’s Surfer Wash T-shirt or graphic Tri Wave Singlet 


Indo Lovers

Love Indonesia? If you are hooked on the amazing country of Indonesia like we are at Moon Rocks, there are loads of styles to show your love. Get your kids in on the act with the cutest ‘Nasa’ t-shirt, or get one for the whole family.Moon Rocks Men Singlet Nasi Goreng ForeverWe all love Indonesia’s favorite dish - Nasi Goreng, so show it with a Nasi Goreng Forever T-shirt.

Give Back

Have you thought about what you can give back to the wonderful people of Indonesia? Moon Rocks has a range of Give Back products that help to support community projects. Right now you can help us make donations to the amazing non-profit Bali Life Foundation by purchasing a Bali Street Kids t-shirtBali Life Foundation helps disadvantaged kids get through school and find opportunities to be able to support themselves in the future.

These are just some of the themes of Moon Rocks collections because they are the philosophies we live by. If you also love the sea, surf, exploring Indonesia, and living a simple life, we hope you can relate. Join Moon Rocks in sharing the philosophy of living different.

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