The Perfect Clothes for Your Summer Adventures

Posted: Mar 02 2021

We know from experience that activity dictates what you wear from day to day. For active types like us Moon Rocks people, we need clothes that are comfortable, breathable, stylish, and suit every adventure. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you need freedom of movement. This is why we’ve designed and produced Moon Rocks Lifestyle Clothing to feel good whether you wear it as street wear or hiking up a mountain.Moon Rocks Clothing Men CollectionOne of our passions is surfing. Over years of catching waves we have been through hundreds of pairs of board shorts. Some better than others, but none as perfect as our Moon Rocks Men’s Boardshorts. These are perfectly fitting around the waist, slightly stretchy for ease of movement and dry quickly. Get your stylish boardshorts online now.Moon Rocks Women CollectionAnother important element of our lifestyle is a regular yoga practice. Being comfortable during yoga is essential. This is why we offer soft 100% cotton t-shirts that reflect the mood of yoga like our Yin Yoga t-shirt. You can even spread a bit of your peaceful yoga feeling with our Jalan Kindness singlet. We also offer comfy shorts that are ideal for a yoga practice. Check out our easy Shortcut shorts.Moon Rocks Clothing CollectionWe love adventures and outdoor living and know you want to be comfortable and have ease of movement when you go out hiking, exploring, or doing other outdoor activities. In warm weather it’s also essential to have breathable natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo. Try out our men’s shorts, available in lots of different colours and our women’s essential shorts denim cutoffs perfect for any activity. Our men’s and women’s t-shirts and singlets are also lightweight and ideal for everyday wear. And even better, they are all designed and produced ethically in Bali!Moon Rocks Hats CollectionWhether you are out in the mountains or spending a day by the beach, you may want to protect your face from the strong UV rays. Check out our fantastic trucker caps and straw hats to keep you sun-safe in hot weather.Moon Rocks Men Shirts CollectionFinally, at the end of the day it’s time to watch a beautiful sunset and dress up to enjoy a nice dinner or a night out at the bar. Women will love the Moon Rocks collection of jumpsuits and dresses. Men can put on a little holiday style with our super comfortable men’s shirts and dressier shorts.Moon Rocks Women Dress CollectionWe’ve made sure Moon Rocks Clothing really is for any occasion. We know how important it is to be comfortable whether you’re dressed down for adventures or up for a night out. Check out your new summer wardrobe NOW ONLINE.

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