Kids Clothes with Comfort, Style, and Messages to Live By

Posted: Nov 03 2021

The little ones in your life can also enjoy the comfort and style of Moon Rocks clothing in mini versions of some of our best-selling t-shirts. These tees come in sizes 2 to 9 years old and are made ethically in Bali from 100% cotton.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt Clean The Seas

Spreading Love and Kindness

One of the missions of Moon Rocks is to spread love and kindness through both actions and messages. We feel that starting to spread these positive messages to children as young as possible is ideal as it has a knock-on effect amongst their peers. If one child acts with kindness, others will follow.

Moon Rocks Kids Kindness T-shirt spreads the message that “Kindness is the new cool” amongst others, which is something we should all think about. Why try to be cool when you could be kind instead.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt KindnessWe are also learning to be more mindful and connected with our bodies and minds, something that is so beneficial from a young age. At Moon Rocks we are dedicated yogis and believe kids can start yoga and meditation from any age. If you know a little yogi they will probably love the Moon Rocks Yogis Kids T-Shirt in black or white.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt Yogis

Environmental Conservation

Children are our future and for this reason they can be the ones to turn the tide on environmental destruction. This doesn’t mean we can put all the pressure on them to save the earth, but they are growing up with all the knowledge about conservation gained by the past generations.

Ensuring the seas are clean enough for the next generation to surf and enjoy the water as much as we do is a top priority. This is why we love for little ones to be able to share the issues such as plastic waste ending up in the ocean with t-shirts like the Kids Rolling Plastic tee.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt Rolling PlasticA little more subtle but just as poignant is the Reuse Palm Kids t-shirt with the message to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We could all do with a reminder about this, right?Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt Reuse PalmJust imagine kids reading a t-shirt that simply states, “Clean the Seas, Save the Bees, Plant More Trees”. This leads into conversations about the plight of the bees or why we need to plant more trees. They can then wear the shirt and share their knowledge with other children.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt Clean The Seas

Indonesia in Our Hearts

Whether you know a kid living in Indonesia or with parents that love the archipelago, Moon rocks have the perfect kids clothes for you. These t-shirts are a little more on the humorous side, highlighting our love for the famous Indonesian dish nasi goreng.

After all, what kid doesn’t love nasi goreng? Check out our 2 styles - Nasa Kids T-shirt and Nasi Goreng Forever Kids T-shirt.Moon Rocks Kids T-shirt NasaWhether you are looking for comfy conscious clothing for your children or as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a Moon Rocks kids tee. Spreading love, kindness, and awareness isn’t only for adults. Kids are our future so get them passing on the word! Moon Rocks Kids T-shirts 

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